Sun Life promotes Living Brighter

Since I was young I knew that being financially stable is very important, although it may not be as easy to achieve. I’ve been to several seminars about financial stuff, but sometimes the struggle is within. Everyday I struggle with managing my finances, and through experience I believe it is important to be guided in such endeavors.

18th of October, I attended a Forum by Sun Life with the Theme: #LiveBrighter

About Sun Life

Sun Life pioneered Life Insurance in the Philippines in 1895.Today, it is the number one and longest running life insurance company. That is about 120 years of service with several awards such as No 1 Life Insurance in the Philippines, Life Insurance of the year in Asia and others.

The forum Speakers were Mike Gustillo and Churchill Bejemino. Mike Gustillo shared about how to #liveBrighter with Sun Life while Churchill Bejemino chared about his success story with Sun Life.

How to #LiveBrighter ?

  • Balance your time between work and passion
  • Get in the business of helping people
  • Fulfill your dreams and look forward to a brighter future
  • Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Why be a Sun Life Financial Advisor ?

  • It is rewarding in compensation and generous in time
  • It allows you to see the world
  • It’s a noble and fulfilling profession
  • Sun Life is a professional agency with a bright legacy

Churchill shared his back story, how his family lived and how he pushed to reach his dream of becoming a scientist. He did not expect to be someone who would speak in a crowd because he is the shy type of person but in Sun Life he was able to. Sun Life to him has been a big help in attaining his financial stability and self-esteem too.


On a personal note it is very inspiring and I do believe that attaining financial stability is something that should be available to everyone.

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