[Geek Side] Kick-start: Top 5 Studio Ghibli Animations

I will be kick starting a new section in blog which is the “GEEK SIDE” which will feature the geeky side of me~! Movies, Books, Tech stuffy and possible anything else that falls under being geeky!

And to start off! I wanna share my top 5 favorite Studio Ghibli Animations!

FotorCreated (7)

About Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli, Inc.(1985) is a Japanese animation film studio based in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan. The studio is best known for its anime feature films, and has also produced several short films, television commercials, and one television film.

FotorCreated (5)

This animation definitely deserves a spot in my top 5, since it’s the only studio ghibli film that made me cry so much! The story line itself is so sad and realistic at the same time, which makes it even sadder. Watch it till the end and tell me you didn’t cry?!?

FotorCreated (4)

This one is among the latest animations from studio. It was really fun to watch and refreshing too! I really like the story line, which reminded me of an old fairy tale story “Thumbelina”! And it’s fun to watch too~

FotorCreated (3)

This one is among the classic one’s. I really like how it shows a witch in the society and how a new witch out of her family’s care was able to handle herself. It’s just like how when you turn 18 you should start learning to be independent. Cool story!

FotorCreated (2)

This one really has my heart set on the fantasy! I wanna believe this is somehow real in a sense that there is a spirit world and magic! It has a lot of genres in it, a bit of magic, fantasy, family, a bit of action and almost a bit of everything else. Amazing! Not to mention that dragon kid – Haku, is super lovable!

FotorCreated (1)

And of course my top favorite! I may be a little biased about this one, since Howl is my #1 all time loved anime character! But no worries the story is nice too! Imagine a girl being swept away into the world of magic, turned into an old hag and finding this handsome wanted magician in between a war! Watch it and you’ll understand what I mean!

Wooooohooooo!!! Finally that’s done! I hope you liked this one and try to check out the other Studio Ghibli films they are all wonderful! Do come back for another #geekyMonday



 Disclosure: The ranking of these animations are solely according to my preference and point of view.


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