Punk School Girl

In Japan or in anime, it is common to see school girls or girls in school uniforms. These school uniforms are usually characterized by white polo, short pleated skirts and knee high socks! In inspiration of this most common wear in anime I did a school girl with a twist~ *winks


It’s your not so regular anime school girl- punk school girl! This is another one of my original characters, since it’s not actually based from a specific character from any series.


This is somehow a punk not-so delinquent happy-go-lucky kind of school girl! Any of course, a common sight in animes – colored hair! In here I am using a pink pony-tailed wig~


Details on the wear – mixed and matched a checkered pleated skirt and white polo. Added a necktie to have that more school uniform kind of feel. More accessories to highlight that punk attitude. Not to mention even my nails are funky! And of course the food to emphasize my sweet tooth πŸ™‚


I wanna thank my good friend Maureen for taking these photos :*




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