4-day Food Escapade


Every foodie knows where food events are! And as we know several events sometimes happen all at once or simultaneously!  As the trend has been going up the highway more and more people are thinking and making food bazaars left and right! Just like this 4-day food escapade I experienced~

Day 1 – Kublai Khan

First of which is the grand opening of another branch of our favorite Mongolian restaurant – Kublai Khan at SM Cebu City Foodcourt!


More details about it here.

Day 2 – Foodish Festival

Foodish Festival is located right across Marriot Hotel, which is very near Ayala Center Cebu – which means its a very accessible place, don’t you agree?

This event is not just a one-day affair, it’s actually a year-round event just like Sugbo Mercado(which went on a hiatus and until now has not re-opened *sad). Anyway it was awesome and there’s also some live music band.

It’s mostly open on a weekends~ Check it out and see for yourself *winks

Day 3 – Weekend Sunset at 32 Sanson

And the following day there was yet another foodie event, this time located at 32 Sanson! Unlike the Foodish Event this was a one-day affair. It was a bit classier than that of sugbo mercado and foodish event because of the luxurious venue. But it was Free Entrance!

Aside from the very relaxing set-up food and music they had an instragram contest where you could win GC’s just by having at least 20 likes! And I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who liked my instagram post and helped me win~

Day 4 – Boodle Lunch at Alpa City Suites

And for the last of my 4-day food escape! My family and I went to Alpa City Suites’ Amo’s Cafe for a Boodle Lunch! We also tried their malunggay cream soup with fish sticks which were healthy good!

And here’s an extra…

There was another 3-day event – Crisscross at the crossroads which was a craft event! I just tried to sneak a peek and there cool artsy crafty stuff displayed there~ No food though(aside from the store that are in crossroads).


And that’s it for my semi-planned food escapade~




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