Otakufest 2017


UP Otakufest is Cebu’s best and largest annual Japanese pop culture and hobbies convention based in the University of the Philippines Cebu.  Otakufest is one of the most anticipated events in Cebu especially for cosplayers and cosplay fans.


Created in 2007 by BAGSIK, the third year batch organization of UP Cebu as a fundraiser for the organization’s activities, UP Otakufest humbly began as a passion project, created by geeks, for the geeks. The first Otakufest gathered a crowd of several hundred fans from all walks of life to celebrate and exhibit the fandoms they cherish the most. OF is not just limited to Japanese culture, anime, or cosplay; its door is open to all fandoms and hobbies.

The Otakufest community has grown steadily through the years as it became one of the most anticipated and attended hobbies conventions in Cebu. Held every February, it serves as Cebu’s opening salvo for all similar events.


My sisters and I decided to actively participate in the event, as anime-lovers we also cosplayed. I as a Gijinka inspired by Lammy a character from the cartoon series Happy Tree Friends, my sister Sora as a school girls inspired by Shiro from the anime series No Game no Life and our sister Shunday as Mulan of Disney’s Mulan.


The event was quite a sight, there a lot of attendees and a lot of booths as well. Not to mention there were several contests. There were also VIP guests that flew in from other Countries like in the photo above is DD Tenka from Singapore♥ She cosplayed as Victor from the hit anime series Yuri on Ice~


Otakufest is not an event limited to Japanese culture and cosplay but also other Asian culture. There was a battle of talents in the Asian Dance Battle competitions as groups dance their way to victory, which was hosted by the duo of DJ EJ from Oomph Radio and Leo of Annyeonhaleo.

And for the first time ever(in my knowledge), some of my friends cosplayed as Korean drama characters. On the left, Goblin characters & on the right, Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo Couple. It was daebak.


And lastly what is an event without food? Otakufest had a separate area called as the “Mercado” where all the foods and drinks where stationed. And my siblings and cousin did not miss on trying out some. We had some sushi and we tried this peculiar thing called eggcloud. They were both really oishi.

All in all I think Otakufest was suweeegggggg~!!! I think they might need a bigger area next time, since the amount of con-goers are steadily rising ^_^




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