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My introverted boss centers a story in the life of an introverted boss through the character Eun Hwan Gi (played by actor Yeon Eoo Jin). The series goes by other names like “shy boss” or “sensitive boss”.

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Eun Hwan Gi is the CEO of Brain, which is a PR(public relations) Company owned by his father. Due to his peculiar personality he is not closely acquainted with the employees. Although he might seem distant he is more concerned about their welfare than how it looks. He later becomes the head of “Silent Monster”, a unit in Brain Company solely made to change Eun
Hwan Gi’s introverted personality.
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Silent Monster is composed of only 5 members plus Eun Hwan Gi. These 5 members are also quite peculiar and seemingly candidates for lay off, but Hwan Gi  sees their hidden potentials and grows with them in  Silent Monster. Dang Yoo Hee is like the mother of the group. Jang Sejong, was originally planning to be an actor but due to personal reasons applied for Brain. Eom Sun Bong, is the blunt perceptive person. Kim Gyo Ri originally the secretary of Hwan Gi and is very quiet. And lastly Chae Ro Won.
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Chae Ro Won is the main female lead who is key to helping Hwan Gi change into a less shy person. She also happens to be the sister of the previous secretary of Hwan Gi who reportedly committed suicide. Chae Ro Won is the exact opposite of Hwan Gi, who is very bright and bubbly, easily able to speak her mind easily makes friends too.FotorCreated (5)The twist and tears that these two encounters in their relationships developments is not all the way sad but it is more funny due to their contrasting personalities. There are a lot of mysteries to uncover and these two have a way deeper connection to begin with.
FotorCreated (6)Other important characters would be Kang Woo Ill(played by actor Yoon Park) who is the best friend of Hwan Gi, co-CEO of Brain and the fiance of Eun Yi Soo. Eun Yi Soo(played by Gong Seung Yeon) is the sister of Eun Hwan Gi and she is deeply attached to Kang Woo Ill. These two are the kind of characters you grow to hate when ever you see ’em but the story somehow puts some light into why they are the way are.

In Summary, this a fun story of the life, struggles and twists in the life of an introverted boss.




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