#KDRAMA REVIEW SERIES: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This drama is one that I really followed since my favorite actor is starring in it. Now that it was just finished, I think it left a hole in my heart * just kidding πŸ˜€

It was a very fun drama with a lot of suspense and a little bit of everything else~!

As the title connotes, the story revolves around our cute little heroine Do Bong Soon(played by actress Park Bo Young). Who by the was is not so fragile like most cute and innocent looking girls. She has a special trait that runs among the women in her bloodline. She is the girl with SUPER STRENGTH, our strong woman Do Bong Soon.

Discover how her love life is affected by her special ability and how she gets herself entangled into these cute love triangle. There’s also a lot of bromance between these two handsome lot.

Her childhood friend and long time one side crush, In Guk Doo. In Guk Do(played by actor Ji Soo) is a budding new Detective in their neighborhood. Ahn Min Hyuk(Played by Park Hyung Sik) is the CEO of Ainsoft a Video Gaming Company who discovers Do Bong Soon’s Special ability and hires her to be his bodyguard.

One of the thrilling part of this strory line is that their is a crazy psychopath who kidnaps women in Do Bong Soon’s neighborhood. Do Bong Soon gets in contact with this villain and ends up being a target of this psychopath. Bong Soon will do her best to get justice served for the woman his hurt. With the help of the two important men in her life.

The story developments and the character interactions are just the cutest. It was very fun to watch and the ending is very satisfying as well. I would really recommend this one to watch.

Watch this cute couple come together from their hot and cold relationship to this cute adorable cuteness. I just don’t know what words to use. Anyway you should really watch this one~!



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