As the title connotes, High Society is a  story about people in the higher section of society. “Chaebols” as they are called in Korean, are generally rich people. It depicts the struggles and challenges being a child of a rich family.

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In most common cases, rich families don’t particularly have close family ties and have very strict parents who seem to only think of everything as a business deal. The main heroine of our drama is Jang Yoonha(played by Uee), despite being a chaebol she works part time worker at a food market, while hiding her true identity. There is also a lot internal conflict within their family, mainly with the quarrel over succession.

FotorCreated (2)While hiding her(Jang Yoonha) identity and living a secret life as a normal person, she finds a friend in Lee Ji Yi(played by Lim Jiyeon). Ji Yi, is a bright and bubbly girl living just to survive and get through the day through handwork while also working part time at the same food market as Yoonha. Watch how their friendship evolves as the other finds out the others’ true identity.
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And like most chaebols, we also have the conflict with fixed marriages. Yoonha is set up for a blind date with another chaebol Yoo Chang soo(played by Park Hyungsik). But Yoonha refuses to marry just for business sake and does an act to get refused by Chang Soo. Chang Soo is another chaebol who is quiet happy-go-lucky, he is close to his mother and is very competitive.

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Like Yoonha, Changso also has a friend who lives a normal life. Choi Joonki, he is Changso’s bestfriend and at the same time works for him. Joonki grew up in poverty with very loving and caring parents. He worked himself to get to his high ranking position. He is also quiet ambitious.FotorCreated (5)

High society is also a drama about love. Yoonha wishes to fall in love without her background being a hindrance. She falls in a love situation with Joonki. Later on their story evolves into a big mess due to misunderstanding and miscommunication. I think their story can be a bit draining because both of them are strong-willed.FotorCreated (3)Meanwhile Changso’s & Ji Yi’s love story is a bit sad and its due to the opposition in Changso’s family. Since Ji Yi is not well off, Changso’s mother refuses to accept her to marry Changso. While Chanso is deeply inlove with Ji Yi he also faces a challenge in himself. In my opinion their story is painful and fun at the same time. These two are bold and there is no lack of love.


Overall the story is nice. The movie plot can be a bit draining. There are a couple of highlights. But its fun to see the resolution to all the conflicts in this drama. I wouldn’t highly recommend it, but its also a good drama to watch. Visually appealing.




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