And the korean drama, “kdrama” for short series continues!!! If your not in the trend of watching korean dramas then this might be new to you. You can follow #kdramaReviewSeries or just check my past post on some kdrama recommendations. 

Now its about Tomorrrow With You~! Just basing from the title, we’d guess or think that it revolves about a relationship and a future in that relationship. And that’ what it is at a glance.

FotorCreated (5)

Tomorrow with revolves around the story between the couple in the photo above. Song Ma Rin played by Shin Min Ah and husband Yo So Joon played by Lee Jo Hoon. How got married and why. How they manage the struggle of married life while thinking of the future.

FotorCreated (4)

But that is not all! Plot twist!!! Yoo So joon is not an ordinary man, because he is a time traveler. He can travel through time by riding on a train.

FotorCreated (3)

What or how would you feel or react if you happen to find out that your husband is a time traveler?! Wouldn’t it be nerve wrecking? Whilst So Joon is between the present and the future Min Ah is only of the present. The drama gives a lot of delimna and drama to the story which extend to not only the couple but the aurrounding effects of messing with the future.

FotorCreated (1)

The story in general is good but there were some parts that were a bit boring which makes the story seem dragging. As well as some problems that arose that seem to just keep reoccuring. These were just some of tge things that bothered me. But the plot gives you that touch of reality with a bit of fantasy through the time travel factor. Also there is that strange connection between all the characters which makes them all interrelated.
I wouldn’t recommend it but its not a drama series on its own. *wink



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