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First off, I’ve been trying to avoid watching this series mainly because it involves ghost. I am not fond of ghost or scary stories like horror and yeah scary looking ghosts. But my mom kept on insisting that this was a good series to watch and because I was out of series to watch I packed up the courage to watched this. I just finished watching it in about a week, and that means something~!

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The two(in the photo above) accidentally kiss and Hyun-ji discovers that Bong-pal holds the secret as to why she is a spirit. … However, both are unaware that even as they hunt ghosts, they, in turn, are stalked by an evil spirit that was the cause of Hyun-ji’s accident, and also the reason of why Bong-pal can see ghosts.


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Apparently the main character Park Bong Pal played by actor Ok Taec-yeon has the ability to see ghosts and exorcise them, while Kim Hyun-Ji played by actress Kim So-Hyun has been a ghost for about 5 years. These two happen to have some sort of ill-fated relationship. And the 3rd guy in the photo above is Professor Joo Hye-Sung played by actor Kwon Yul is the looming mystery.

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Primarily I was hesitant to watch this because of the horror aspect but undoubtedly I enjoyed watching it. It had this fun and cute flavor to it that can make you over look the scary parts. Moreover each ghost featured in the episode have their own story and lesson which takes this story line to a whole new level. The progress of the story was not dull and the lovey dovey scenes of the main were so adorable.

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In almost every kdrama you’ll there will most likely be a secondary couple or a comedic duo, and this series is not an exception. Choi Cheon-sang played by Kang Ki-Young and Kim In-Rang played by Lee David are the comedic duo in the story. They are both funny and komikal which makes the series a lot funnier.

It was partly scary. I wouldn’t suggest watching it late at night especially if your a scaredy-cat like me. But nonetheless its a good series to watch.β™₯





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