#WirelessLimitless with Uniqlo


For women, daily inner wear like bras help cover and support the intimate areas which helps elevate feeling beautiful and comfortable all day. But there are times when these bras seem to give the opposite – pain suffered from wired bras, loose straps sneaking out, and tight clips and hooks digging in the skin to name a few.

Dread no more, because with the new uniqlo lifewear line of bras, both gives support and comfort!!! This time Sample Room PH has partnered up with Uniqlo, to have some of their members get the first hand experience on how these bras are truly comfortable without sacrificing the support.



And when I tried this wireless multi-way bra, it gives you the support you need without sacrificing the comfort!!! Wireless Comfort equals being Limitless Confidence!!! YAY uniqlo and sampleroom~

I’m not really someone who wears wireless bras because most of them don’t give that much support. But with uniqlo’s wireless bras, I can say(based on experience) that it gives you the support very similar to that of wired bras without the annoying feeling of the wire~♥

Try it out yourself, available in all uniqlo stores for only 990pesos!




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